Our Office Cleaning Tips Guide

1. Limit food and drink at desks.

This first kontorsstädning Stockholm tips may sound crazy at first.  However this will almost half the problems you have at your desk. For example your computer’s keyboard becoming sticky and some of the keys not working.

It usually doesn’t matter what they’ve got, whether it’s tea, coffee, sandwiches or anything that contains a high amount of sugar. Crumbs and spillages can and do happen. Crumbs and fluids can get lodged under the keys making typing harder and the keys sticky. However even worse than that they’ll encourage the growth of bacteria and mould.

That bacteria will be coming into contact with your staff members fingers as they type. (Big danger if you use hot-desking or more than one person using the same keyboards.) That person then touches door handles or stair banisters and infection spreads across the entire workforce.  Did you know we have specialist computer cleaning teams to eliminate those problems on a regular basis?

2. Correct hand-washing procedure

How many people do you know that can wash their hands correctly? Surprisingly not everyone knows that right way wash their hands effectively. Recent bouts of swine and bird flu along with colds and influenza making their way across the UK has made it important. Simply having the correct hand-wash procedure can reduce the chance of spreading these diseases. Keep your staff healthy to reduce absence through sickness.

We recommend displaying a poster in kitchens and bathrooms telling people how to correctly wash their hands. The World Health Organisation have published a PDF poster guide to inform people. Washing your hands correctly may not sound like a way to help keep your office clean. But focus on removing dirt and germs before they enter the main office. That alone makes the rest of your office clean a lot easier!

3. Regularly vacuum your carpet

Your reception or front office carpet will be a magnet for dirt, from bags to the worst culprit – shoes. This is not good for your carpet. Firstly it make the carpet look dirty with black and dark muddy marks running up and down it. Secondly it also reduces the life of your carpet.

Dirt that is lying at the bottom of carpet will ruin your carpet. Especially when they are classed as a traffic lane (e.g. entrance doors, corridors, lift waiting areas, walkways between desks etc). The more people walking over it the shorter lifespan your carpet will have.

4. Wipe and clean desks at the end of every day

Whilst this last office cleaning tip sounds obvious it is an important issue. Every cleaner you hire should be wiping over your desks every day! Don’t leave your desk cluttered with papers, folders etc. Not only does it make things difficult for cleaners but they are a collecting point for germs and dust.

But if you’ve not yet hired a cleaner, we’d recommend wiping down your desks at the end of every day just to get rid of all the germs that could be lying on there. Make sure you use anti-bacterial wipes or spray to get rid of the germs otherwise they’ll just continue to sit there and you’ll be no better off!